The Fruitata Lifestyle

Fruitata is a healthy juice bar in Boston. Our staff is dedicated to serving up fresh, invigorating organic juices and smoothies daily to give your taste buds, body and mind exactly what it’s been missing. Why? Because we know that wholesome, real food (nature’s au naturel “medicine”) is the key to maintaining and transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. We also know that what we eat not only affects how we look, but also how we feel.

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Health Benefits of Juicing

If you struggle to follow a healthy diet or find it difficult to squeeze in your daily serving of fruits and vegetables, you’re definitely not alone! While the USDA recommends we consume a minimum of five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day, many people find it challenging to get more than one.

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Juice Cleanses in Boston

A juice cleanse is perfect for those who really want to clear “the gunk” out of their bodies. While on a cleanse, the body works by cleaning out the digestive system, while eliminating excess toxins (including compacted fecal matter, parasites and even Candida).



Grand Opening!

The city of Boston is slowly but surely becoming healthier every day, and now there’s yet another delicious opt ...


I'm excited to have a go-to spot in the city to satisfy my juice and smoothie obsession! As a local Health Coach, recommending food to my clients with ingredients I can trust (and that actually taste good!) is extremely important to me and Fruitata definitely fits the bill. Boston is slowly but surely becoming a more health-conscious city!